Let’s start a pleasant journey with Type 1 diabetes.

Living with Type 1 diabetes is easier when you understand it better. If it is for you or your most important people, who are going to start managing or in the process of managing diabetes, understanding it better can make it a pleasant journey.

What is type 1 diabetes?

TYPE 1 DIABETES is a chronic disease that may result when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin. The damage of beta cells in the pancreas makes it unable to produce insulin. And this leads to an increase in blood sugar levels. The blood sugar level is managed when insulin is taken externally. It may start at a very early age and can affect both males and females equally.

Only about 10% of people with diabetes are having type 1 diabetes. Approximately 95% of all the children from a person with type 1 diabetes will not get diabetes. The risk factor is only 5%. The most important factors which are causing type 1 diabetes are hygiene, infection, and nutrition.

What are the symptoms of type 1 diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes occurs in both children and adults, but the early diagnosis is only possible by knowing about the symptoms. Young children who urinate frequently, drinking a lot of water, losing weight suddenly are at risk. Also, those who feel tired even after eating regularly are also at risk.

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Type 1 Diabetes treatment

There is no cure for type-1 diabetes, but one can maintain their blood sugar level in the body by injecting insulin. And, this is the treatment for this type of diabetes. Also, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet to maintain glucose in the body.

Health issues related to type 1 diabetes

Patients with this type of diabetes have to face many health complications if not treated properly. It may cause cardiac complications like heart attack, stroke, and narrowing of arteries. Other complications are nerve damage, kidney damage, diabetic retinopathy, foot damage, high blood pressure, skin infections, dry mouth, etc.

Health issues related to type 1 diabetes

What all you need to know about diabetes diet?

Proper nutrient intake and following diabetes diet is the key part of diabetes management. Do you know what food causes diabetes? The food we intake has a major role in increasing the blood glucose level. Thus it is important to understand the proper diet plan that can prevent or cure diabetes. Know more about the diabetes nutrition plan here.

Improving medical care with Cankado PRO-React Diabetes

Cankado has an innovation to improve medical care of patients in the phase of diabetes treatment. The digital healthcare application, Pro-react Diabetes that works based on electronic patient-reported outcome[Epro], assists both patients and physicians in tracking the disease progression. The feature of an auto-generated situation-specific symptom questionnaire and answer tailored behavior recommendations on the patient side improves diabetic care.

Cankado PRO-React Diabetes

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