Beer and diabetes Type 2

People across the world like to drink beer and diabetes type 2 patients are not an exclusion. Beer and diabetes don’t go better together. People will always have an eye on what they eat and drink when they have type 2 diabetes and beer consumption will also a great concern to them. Normally people always consider the carbohydrates in what they eat but will leave the carbohydrates in what they drink. Usually, beer has a large carbohydrate which increases the blood sugar level.

There is also a factor that beer cause diabetes but matter lies in the amount consumed. If you have type 2 diabetes and beer is your relished drink then let’s know about it. Having proper knowledge about what you drink and eat will be effective for the proper management of diabetes.

What does beer do in your body and blood sugar level?

When you consume beer it is straight away exerted to the stomach, not like other foods it’s not getting usual digestion. Alcohol will directly enter into the blood and progresses to the brain instantly. If you drink a large amount of beer the alcohol in it will make the liver confused and prevents it from producing glucose. Carbohydrates that are present in the beer will raise the blood sugar level. Alcohol in the beer will make you inattentive and unconscious.

Risk Factors due to consuming beer with type 2 diabetes:

There are many risk factors linked to beer and diabetes type 2 patients. The risk factor will be from due to different factors like

Risk factors due to Carbohydrates in the beer:

If you drink a large quantity then the carbohydrate in the beer will increase the blood sugar level. Sometimes sugar level in the blood will reach the spike and causes hyperglycemia. In some cases, sugar level increases will lead to high blood pressure. Hyperglycemia with high blood pressure may lead to paralysis.

Risk factors due to alcohol in the beer:

If beer consumption is high the alcohol content present in it will make you unconscious. Unconsiuosnees will lead to confusion in judgment making, expressing yourself, etc. you cant feel the lowering of blood sugar level and taking any steps to increase will not be done.

Risk factors due to a collapse in the liver:

Normally beer will be straitly taken to stomach and alcohol will enter the blood. The alcohol will create a collapse in the liver and stops the production of glucose which will lead to low sugar in the blood.

Risk factors due to Diabetes medication:

If you consume a large amount of beer and diabetes type 2 medications like insulin or metformin, then sometimes there will be some negative outcomes that will lead to hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a low blood sugar level condition which may lead to many short term complications like fatigue.

Quantity of beer and type 2 diabetes patients limitations:

Mostly the risk factors are completely based on a high amount of consumption of beer. Knowing how much to drink is very important.

  • It is advised to have one drink at a time or per day is good. One drink is equal to 12 ounces(approximately 355 ml).

  • Always know what you are eating while drinking beer. Many times people will have high carbohydrate snacks or high sweet containing snacks along with beer, which will increase the blood sugar level to spike.

  • Always drink slowly.

  • If you drink outside the home, have a note about your diabetes condition in your dress pocket, which will help during an emergency.

Always it’s tempting to have a beer at a party or while hanging with friends. Have your drink only when your diabetes is under control. Have drinks occasionally which will be so good. If possible have your drink with your regular food.

“Know your limit and enjoy your drink. Cheers”

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