Exercise for diabetes

Nowadays people are concentrating more on a healthy lifestyle and exercising is more important in all aspects of life. For diabetes people who want or need to maintain a healthy life and sugar level then exercise plays an immense role in it. Diabetes and fitness are interlinked to have a healthy diabetic life.

Advantages of exercising with diabetes

Importantly exercise increases insulin sensitivity, which means that your cells will able to use available insulin effectively by absorbing more sugar from the blood and convert it into energy and helps in maintaining proper blood sugar level.

Exercising properly and a healthy diet reduces the intake of medicines in type 2 diabetes patients.

Exercise about 150 minutes moderate or lighter per week is what advised or prescribed by the nutritionist.

Take the doctor advice:

Consult your doctor if you starting freshly or after a break, enquire about which exercise fits you and what things to avoid during exercise and any other precautions to be taken

Best exercises for diabetes:

Many different kinds of exercise are there and choose which makes you sweat is very important and consult your doctor or your nutritionist to confirm which will suit or more effective and safe. Let see about the best exercise for diabetes.


Walking is best in different aspects like it is cost-free and good effective too, and provides fresh air and comfortable to carry your good friends with yourself. Just be aware of how much distance to covered and which will be safe for you. About 30 minutes to an hour 3-4 times a week is what advised and good effective too.


Half of the people with diabetes have arthritis so having the below hip exercise will be comfortable for them. Stationary cycling is so familiar and safe for people who are aged thus it can be done inside the gym or in-home itself.


Swimming provides a joint-friendly exercise which is much concentrated in muscles and not in joints. Swimming, aqua jogging, aqua aerobics provide a similar effect as land exercise.

Team sports:

One of the best for the little motivated people, team sports is much effective and can be for a long period which never gets bored with nice people which makes it more active too. Sports like cricket, soccer, tennis, baseball are more productive.


Whatever the dance maybe it will be effective, awesome and fun. Dance like aerobic dance, traditional dances provide good results and also lowers stress.

Weight lifting:

Weight lifting is in top-notch exercise based on best results. It is effective even after finishing the exercise for long hours. It can be done by both men and women and provides better results.

It doesn’t mean that we need dumbles or need to go to the gym we can simply use our household things which are heavy and make it as exercise equipment. Having expert advice will provide you a bit of better knowledge according to your health status and limits.


Some reviews have said that practicing yoga helps with managing blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and weight. It also helps in lowering blood pressure, better sleep, and maintaining a better mood.

Climb stairs:

Climb stairs whenever possible it is the best one which consumes less time and is effective.

Always carry a paper or a note which contains details of your diabetic condition in case of emergencies. Also, carry some sort of sugar-containing foods like chocolate or sugar cubes will be helpful when the blood sugar gets lowered.

Medications and insulin quantity should be checked with your physician and adjusted according to your exercise to avoid complications of getting blood sugar lowered.

Exercise is not only for maintaining diabetes which is also for providing an overall healthy life structure and also helps in preventing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, controlling cholesterol, and avoiding cardiovascular diseases.

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