Type 2 diabetes treatment

Sugar or glucose which is obtained from the foods we eat is used as energy by the cells with the help of the insulin produced by the pancreas, when the pancreas is not able to produce insulin properly then sugar in the blood increases and diabetes occurs.

In type 2 diabetes the causes are

  • The pancreas will produce insulin but it is not used properly by the body

  • The body may become insulin resistance

  • The insulin produced by the pancreas is not enough.

Since diabetes can’t be cured but can be properly managed to lead a happy life. Management is the only treatment for any type of diabetes. Proper treatment and having the medicines properly will be effective in diabetes management.

If you feel any of the type 2 diabetes symptoms then don’t delay starting your treatment for a peaceful life with diabetes and also avoid diabetes-related complications.

Treating diabetes with medicines

Metformin and Sulfonylureas are one of the globally recommended type 2 diabetes medications for people. Some other medicine for type 2 diabetes which is prescribed by your doctor taking the medications properly will end up in proper management of blood sugar level.

Treating diabetes using insulin

Insulin is prescribed by your doctors. You may take your insulin in any forms like

  • Insulin injection

  • Insulin pen

  • Insulin pipe

  • Inhaler

  • Insulin port

  • Jet injector

Before taking your insulin you must have to know about some terms which are linked to insulin intake. The terms are

Onset- The time required by insulin to reach the bloodstream and to start an action

Peak time- Amount of time insulin will be highly active and reduces the blood sugar level

Duration- The total amount of active time of the insulin which helps in reducing sugar level

Managing diabetes with exercise

Many people have reported maintaining the proper blood sugar level using exercise.

Any kind of exercise can be used like

  • Cycling

  • Walking

  • Swimming

  • Team sports

  • Dance

  • Weight lifting

  • Yoga

Before starting your exercise have a brief discussion with your doctor about the amount of exercise because you may overdo and feel hypoglycemia which may lead to loss of consciousness, All are effective and proper discipline on the following exercise will help both in healthy and happy diabetic lifestyle.

Managing diabetes with diet

You should talk to your nutrition to follow a proper diet. The more effective diet is the one which you stick for a long.

Foods to be added in your diet

  • Brown rice

  • Oats

  • Whole grains

  • A large number of vegies

  • A good amount of fruits

  • Fiber-rich foods

  • Low-fat foods

Foods which has to be avoided from your diet are

  • Soda

  • Junk foods

  • Simple carbohydrate-containing foods

  • Sugar and especially artificial sweeteners

Weight loss:

Loss your weight according to your height. Also, the loss of weight around your waistline is more effective.

Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle

Try to get off your sedentary lifestyle for a very long time. Make your self more active and stress-free.

Life with type 2 diabetes is easier when properly managed and treated.

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