What are the type 2 diabetes symptoms when it starts to emerge?

Sugar or glucose which is obtained from the foods we eat is used as energy by the cells with the help of the insulin produced by the pancreas, when the pancreas is not able to provide insulin properly then sugar in the blood increases and diabetes occurs.

In type 2 diabetes the causes are

  • The pancreas will produce insulin but it is not used properly by the body

  • The body may become insulin resistance

  • The insulin produced by the pancreas is not enough.

Symptoms for diabetes are very subtle at the early stage. If you are in any risk factors then keep an eye on your symptoms for early treatment and diagnosis.

You can slowly feel the type 2 diabetes symptoms and some times people don’t have any symptoms. They will only get to know when they are having any diabetic-related complications.

Symptoms of diabetes type 2 in adults

Signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus are unique for every people.

Often urinating:

Diabetes people usually report this symptom. Urinating more than regular is an important symptom of diabetes.

Heavy thirst:

Diabetes people will have a heavy thirst and they use to consume a large amount of water than usual.

Unexpected weight loss:

Unintentional weight even after having a good and regular diet is an important symptom of diabetes.

Wounds taking large time to get healed:

For diabetic people wounds will take a large amount of time to get healed.

Pain or numbness in hand or legs:

When you have a large amount of sugar in your body then it will damage your tiny blood vessels. This may result in numbness and tingling in the hands and legs.

Hungry even after having a good amount of food:

Cells won’t get the proper amount of energy when you have diabetes. This may lead to heavy hunger.

Change in vision:

Diabetes will start to damage in your blood vessels which may lead to diabetic retinopathy, cataract, and many other eye-related complications. Which results in blurred vision and change of vision.

Feeling tired:

Since the insulin is not used properly by the body. Cells will not get the appropriate amount of energy which may lead to feeling tired all the time.

Skin infections:

Due to poor blood circulation in the body, it may lead to many infections in many parts of the body. Mostly the skin gets infected due to it.

Consciousness loss:

Loss of consciousness is also experienced due to a lack of energy in your body.

And some of the other symptoms are

  • Dry mouth

  • Colour of gum gets changed

  • Darkened skin in neck or armpits

Risk factors

If you feel the symptoms and also in risk factors, it is good to have a blood sugar check done. The risk factors include

  • About 95% of people having diabetes are adults.

  • People who are overweight or obese

  • People who have a large amount of weight in their waistline

  • People above 45 years of age

  • If your parents having diabetes

  • If your siblings detected with diabetes

  • If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes

  • People having heart and blood vessel diseases.

  • Having high blood pressure.

Also, sedentary lifestyles nowadays are the major cause of type 2 diabetes than the other types of diabetes. The sedentary lifestyle includes

  • Physical inactivity.

  • Getting little exercise.

  • Eating unhealthy foods.

  • Smoking.

  • Getting little sleep or more sleep.

  • Heavy stress.

If you are in the risk factor and experiencing any symptom then have your blood checked for diabetes. Early diagnosis and early treatment are better in maintaining a healthy and peaceful diabetic life.

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