Must-know info of coronavirus for parents having children with type 1 diabetes

COVID -19 is threatening the world and all countries are providing their immense effort to take the situation under control. More than 200 thousand cases are reported deaths are increasing day by day. Type 1 diabetes and COVID-19 are not much good for recovery after infected by the coronavirus.

COVID-19 is a respiratory infection that started in china and has been transmitted to over 100 countries globally. Coronavirus is the cause of the infection. There is no drugs or vaccines are there for treatment.

Is children are at risk

Till now the amount of child confirmed cases are really low when compared to adults. The death rate is low for children and this doesn’t mean the children won’t get affected by the virus. The outcome is slightly high when compared to adults.

What to know for type 1 diabetes children

As compared to the other children kids with type 1 diabetes are slightly at risk for the outcome when they are infected with the virus. Special precautions to be taken for patients with type 1 diabetes and COVID-19 precautions has to be properly taken.

Measures to be taken while COVID-19

Check for the blood sugar level of your child many times in a day

  • Also, check for ketone level

  • Have a record of your child’s blood sugar and ketone level

  • Consult your physician for any changes in insulin intake during a stay at home

What is the precaution to be taken to keep your child safe?

  • Ensure that your child is cleaning his/her hands using soap or 60% alcohol rub.

  • Avoid crowded places

  • Avoid touching the nose, eyes, and mouth

  • Wash the hands while entering the house from outside

  • Clean the surfaces where your child gets more contacted like toys, soft toys, door handles, back of the chair, etc.

  • Stock the insulin for one month in advance which has been taken by your child.

  • Have details of contacts if identified with a viral infection

Symptoms of COVID-19

  • Dry throat

  • Difficulty in breathing

  • Cough

  • Fever

There is no difference between the symptoms of COVID-19 in both adults and children. Ensure the safety of your family and community by following the health measures and being safe at home. Type 1 diabetes and the coronavirus infection are only dangerous after getting infected by the virus, so be safe and precautioned.

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