What is the role of telemedicine in diabetes care?

We have seen in the previous diabetes blogs that diabetes can be a cause for other health issues. To illustrate how it affects eyes, ears, skin, etc. Also, we have seen how to manage diabetes through fitness and nutrition. Now, let us understand the role of telemedicine or digital health applications in managing chronic diseases like diabetes.

We know it is imperative to control high blood sugar as the virus, COVID-19 has inflicted a threat on diabetes patients making them more prone and harder to recover. So, diabetes patients have to be more cautious about coronavirus too. Relying on telemedicine support can ease your diabetes care.

Living with diabetes is easy if we follow a strict plan in its management. An e-health solution can assist you to a great extent on the same. Perfect diabetes management seeks treatment adherence, regular intake of medicines, consuming healthy foods, etc. Treatment can become effective when a patient himself gets actively involved in managing diabetes. An e-health solution helps in achieving the same. What about the mobile application you are using reminds you to take your medication on time, manage your diagnosis in one place, daily log what you feel about your health, etc? Thus, diabetes virtual care can assist patients in their routine care. Some key advantages are,

Medicine adherence– Your doctor may have prescribed you medications, but a majority of patients forget about taking it regularly. For diabetes, the external use of insulin and a regular intake of other medications can help control the same. Thus, rely on your e-health support to remind you about your medicine intake.

Prepared physician visits– When you visit your physician, are you sure about what all things you have to share with him? Constant monitoring of your health through any digital health medium, preparing prompt diagnostic reports, daily logging of your health can assist you in communicating well with your doctor.

Constant Monitoring– With a digital health medium, you can regularly keep track of your health, note down what is your food intake, exercises, and what you feel about your health.

Cankado has digital health applications to support patients during their treatment phase. The mobile and web application platform assists in recording the daily health status, reminders for medicine intake, management of diagnostic reports. Apart from routine care, patients can get connected to their physicians and actively get involved in the treatment. The PRO-React diabetes feature in the Cankado Patient App allows physicians to provide improved care to their patients.

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Improving medical care with Cankado PRO-React Diabetes

Cankado has an innovation to improve medical care of patients in the phase of diabetes treatment. The digital healthcare application, Pro-react Diabetes that works based on electronic patient-reported outcome[Epro], assists both patients and physicians in tracking the disease progression. The feature of an auto-generated situation-specific symptom questionnaire and answer tailored behavior recommendations on the patient side improves diabetic care.

Cankado PRO-React Diabetes

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