Screening and treatment of gestational diabetes

Why does a gestational diabetes diagnosis is important? Diabetes during pregnancy is something that needs to be treated before it affects your baby. For a healthy pregnancy keeping the blood sugar level under control is essential. Since the symptoms of gestational diabetes are similar to those of common pregnancy problems, it is difficult to spot it. For this reason, a pregnant woman is advised to consult a doctor and undergo screening for a diabetes test.

Also, if you are from a family of diabetes patient or was obese before pregnancy, then during your prenatal visit, the doctor will check your glucose level. Thew screening test for pregnancy diabetes will change according to different medical professionals. Some of the common ones are

  1. The initial testing of diabetes in pregnant women by performing a glucose challenge test. Here, the person is made to drink a sugar solution. After one hour, the glucose test during pregnancy is done to check for the level. If the tests become above normal then there will be other follow-up tests.

  2. Glucose tolerance test analyses how your body reacts or handles glucose levels. For this, a patient must do fasting for about 8 hours before the test. After getting the readings from the tests, doctors may conduct one more test or confirm if you have gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes treatment

If you are diagnosed with diabetes while in your pregnancy then you must strictly follow the treatment procedures. To avoid complications during pregnancy and maintain a baby’s health proper treatments are suggested by doctors. Some of them are as follows which can help you achieve the ideal blood sugar level during pregnancy.

Start it with a healthy lifestyle

What you eat matters when it comes to diabetes. Prepare a healthy lifestyle plan that includes exercises, best meal plans, proper medication, etc. It is also essential to keep your mind healthy.

Test your sugar level often
Regularly monitor the blood sugar level during pregnancy. Check it in the morning and after meals. Try to maintain normal values.

Medications if necessary
Sometime if the glucose level is too high for you to control then proper medication must be taken. Insulin injections are prescribed mostly. Taking medication regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key treatment method for curing gestational diabetes.

Keep close monitoring on your baby’s health to find any complication. Even after delivery, you need to check the glucose level. On tests, if you find that still, you have diabetes then seek medical advice for best diabetes management.

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