Symptoms of gestational diabetes

Are you diagnosed with gestational diabetes or diabetes during pregnancy? Well, one thing you should understand is that it is not uncommon and you are one among many. Also, it doesn’t imply that a woman should have diabetes before pregnancy and will continue after giving birth.

Diabetes and pregnancy is a complicated thing. It can hinder a comfortable gestation period. Mostly, this occurs in the mid of pregnancy. Early detection and proper care in terms of medication, diet, etc can help. Do you know why diabetes occurs in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body needs more insulin. Sometimes, the hormones produced during pregnancy blocks the function of insulin. This causes insulin resistivity that results in the build-up of blood glucose levels. And, this condition is called hyperglycemia.

Every expecting mother should anticipate the occurrence of diabetes during pregnancy. The challenging part is that gestational diabetes symptoms will be more similar to the normal diabetes symptoms or common pregnancy issues. In this case, it is difficult to distinguish it. But, during the third trimester, doctors may perform a blood test of the pregnant mother for diabetes. The test confirms the presence of diabetes in pregnant women.

Most of the pregnant women do not show any signs of gestational diabetes. Because of this reason, they are made to undergo diagnosis. But some women show common symptoms like

  1. You will feel thirsty even if you have drunk enough water or even if you are not under the sun. This excessive thirsty feeling can be considered as a symptom

  2. Excessive tiredness- Feeling tired is common for a diabetic patient. Feeling tired even in the early day is a symptom of pregnancy diabetes.

  3. Dry mouth- Your mouth will become dry and for this reason, you will feel excessive thirst.

  4. Frequent peeing – This is common in pregnancy but it can also be a sign of gestational diabetes

  5. Nausea and fatigue.

Apart from this, the majority of pregnant women experience depression. People with diabetes feel more depressed compared to others. The risk of depression is more if you have diabetes during the gestational period. Therefore, If you find any of the above symptoms during your pregnancy, go for a diabetes test. Screening and treating the symptoms of gestational diabetes is necessary for a happy pregnancy.

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