How will gestational diabetes affect your pregnancy?

Expecting mothers must be very much aware of gestational diabetes complications well. Because only if you understand it well, then only you can get cured of diabetes. After diagnosing the symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy, the best care is important to keep it normal. Gestational diabetes is riskier for the baby in the womb as it affects its health. If you want to help your baby live a healthy lifestyle, then treating diabetes is important. Let us understand the risk factors for gestational diabetes and complications in detail.

We know that with every pregnancy, there is some risk associated, but pregnancy diabetes can increase the risk. The fact is that by keeping ideal blood sugar level during pregnancy by proper diet and medication can reduce the risks. Understand first the risk and seek advice from your health care team. Some of the risk factors of gestational diabetes are


  1. Macrosomia- baby grows larger than normal

During pregnancy, your blood sugar level is more than usual, so does for your baby. The increased glucose level in the baby’s body cause more insulin production. Thus the baby grows large than normal and, this condition is named as Macrosomia. Here the baby has bodyweight more than 4 kg.

Also, the complications during delivery will be severe. Due to the large size of the baby, there will be difficulty like Birth trauma.

  1. Premature birth- Giving birth to a premature baby

If you are not able to manage the glucose levels in your body then expect for premature delivery of your baby. The reasons for premature birth can be damage to placenta causing inefficiency in insulin activity. The placental hormones affect insulin activity and this is the reason for gestational diabetes. In this condition, the doctors will suggest c-section delivery.


  1. Risk of stillbirth- Baby death after birth

Even though the chances are not high, gestational diabetes has the risk of stillbirth. But maintaining the optimum sugar level can save you and your baby from this.

4.Neonatal hyperglycemia- low blood sugar level in babies after birth

After the delivery of a woman with gestational diabetes, there are chances of neonatal hyperglycemia in her baby. Neonatal hyperglycemia is the condition where the infant has a low blood sugar level due to increased insulin production in their body. Thus checking the glucose level of the infant is important. Proper feeding and use of intravenous glucose solution can help to cure the condition.

Thus going through gestational diabetes is not easy and must be taken seriously. If you can follow a strict diet and proper medication to keep glucose level in control, then it leads to a happy pregnancy.

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