The Diabetes and coronavirus- Why Diabetes patients have to be more cautious about COVID-19?

The high fatality rate of diabetes patients with coronavirus indicates that people with diabetes must be more cautious about the infection. Not only for diabetes patients but as per reports, all who have been identified with chronic health conditions are at high risk. The novel coronavirus identified in China in 2019 is a mutated form of SARS-COV virus that outbroke in 2002. It could inflict fear and caution in almost all countries across the world. When mankind is in the clutches of the fear of coronavirus, there are some facts which especially people with chronic medical conditions should understand. Also, having a good knowledge of coronavirus symptoms can help you to make a fast decision and seek emergency medical help.

The reasons why diabetes patients are at risk are,

  • If there are diabetes complications, then it is hard to treat coronavirus infection. The glucose level in diabetes patients fluctuates if not maintained well and thus the virus can thrive in high blood sugar conditions.

  • Some patients may have other complications that can get worsened with improper diabetes management. In those patients, the treatment will be difficult.

  • The immune system is weak for a sugar patient and it takes a longer recovery period.

  • According to the American Diabetes Association, another risk factor is the possibility of developing diabetes ketoacidosis in certain type 1 diabetes patients. One of the serious complications of COVID-19 is the occurrence of sepsis or septic shock. More fluid intake and managing electrolysis levels are crucial in this case. But diabetes ketoacidosis makes it difficult in managing so.

  • If the SARS-COV-2 virus infects a patient with improper sugar levels, then it causes much inflammation and internal swelling.

The above-mentioned reasons indicate how crucial and risky is the COVID-19 infection to a diabetes patient. But, apart from the risk, as a diabetes patient realizing the threat and acting accordingly is the solution to counter this situation. Know what are the precautions of COVID-19 a diabetes patient must follow to get saved from this deadly infection.

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