Know about delayed wound healing in diabetes patients

In our past blog, we have seen how diabetes affects the foot. Here we are going to learn about delayed wound healing in diabetes and also learn about what we should do to fasten the healing process for diabetes patients.

Diabetes is caused while a human body is not able to produce insulin or use the produced insulin completely. Diabetes is a chronic condition if not managed properly both type 1 and type 2 diabetes will cause complications in different parts of the body like skin, ear, eyes, kidneys, oral health, etc. It also leads to health issues such as stroke, dementia, gastroparesis, and many. There are different types of diabetes like type 1, type 2, diabetes LADA, diabetes MODY all leads to complications and diabetes slow healing of wounds.


What causes delayed wound healing in diabetes?

Several factors direct to delayed wound healing in diabetes patients are

Improper management of diabetes:

  • If the blood sugar level is not managed properly then the high blood sugar level will result in

  • Inflammation of body cells.

  • Prevents nutrition such as oxygen and some nutrients from energizing the cells.

  • Reduce the function of the immune system.

The disturbance by the above things delays the healing process.

Poor circulation of blood:

Peripheral vascular disease means the poor circulation of blood in our body. Diabetes is one of the main reasons for peripheral vascular disease. Due to poor circulation of blood, there will be low blood supply to the limbs which causes the slow healing of wounds.


Losing sensation is known as nephropathy. Diabetes is also one of the important reasons for nephropathy. So that the diabetes patients have large wounds in the foot. Nephropathy is usually caused by hands and limbs. In nephropathy, the blood vessels and nerves get damaged due to high blood pressure.

Disturbance in the immune system

If diabetes is not controlled well it results in high blood sugar for a very long period. High blood sugar can change the function of white blood cells. White blood cells are very important for immune functions. Change in the function of white blood cells reduces the body’s ability to heal wounds.


If the immune system is not acting well then it may point to a low ability for fighting toward bacteria causing the infection. Also, bacteria thrive in high blood sugar. This too causes the slow healing of wounds in diabetic patients.


If wound healing takes longer time ut may lead to many complications like

  • Infections

  • Amputations

  • Osteomyelitis

  • Gangrene

  • Sepsis

Diabetes and wound healing are very interlinked and lead to many issues.

How to manage the wound while healing:

It’s very important to manage the wound properly for making the healing process quick and proper

  • Check the wound daily.

  • Remove the dead tissues properly.

  • Make sure that dressing is good all the time.

  • Don’t give much pressure on the wounded area.


For making the healing process quicker you should be more cautious about your diabetes. For numerous difficulties with diabetes common and primary solutions will be managing it efficiently. Also by proper control of diabetes and boosting your immune system will help you in making the healing process faster.

Eat healthily:

A proper diet has a direct influence on diabetes. It will help you in managing the blood sugar properly. A healthy diet will leave you with proper nutrition needed for wound healing like zinc, vitamins c, and a sufficient quantity of proteins. There are several different diet processes available for diabetes patients like diabetic diet, keto diet, etc.

Physical activities:

Good physical activity will be more helpful in managing diabetes. Exercise, yoga, dance, team sports, etc will result in the good management of diabetes.

Proper wound management and foot care:

Manage your wound correctly so that it prevents the spreading of any infection. Good foot care is extremely vital because diabetic patients frequently have wounds in the foot than any other part of the body. Regular foot care includes

  • Wear socks and shoes regularly.

  • Don’t walk barefooted.

  • Avoid high heat and cold in the feet.

  • Check for wounds every day.

Another essential thing to avoid to make the healing process quicker is to quit smoking. Add honey alternately to sugar in your daily diet.

While getting into the management of diabetes today we have numerous technologies such as apps, telemedicine for effective management. Cankado PRO-React diabetes provides a unique solution for diabetes patients for effective management and tracking. To know more visit CANKADO.

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