COVID-19 myths and the Facts that should be known

Mosquitoes are also spreading COVID-19 – False

Really a myth. Till now there are no confirmed cases or research found that mosquitoes are responsible for spreading COVID-19. Only through droplets from mouth or any other discharge from the nose, the COVID-19 has been spreading. Also WHO has found that the virus can be active up to 3 hours in the air.

Vaccines against pneumonia can be effective against Coronavirus – False

No, vaccines used for treating pneumonia-like pneumococcal vaccine or Hib vaccine are not effective against COVID-19. It’s a new virus and it requires a new vaccine. WHO recommends people to take vaccines given for respiratory illness. Research is under process to identify the vaccine for COVID-19.

Eating garlic will prevent you from COVID-19 – False

World health organization (WHO) suggests that garlic is healthy food but it doesn’t have any impact over COVID-19. Till now no evidence eating garlic has any protection over the current coronavirus outbreak. So eating garlic won’t keep to safe from COVID-19. Follow all the precautionary measures to make yourself safe from the outbreak

Hand dryers are effective for killing coronavirus – False

Hand dryers doesnt helps you preventive from COVID-19, it doesnt kill the coronavirus. To keep yourself safe you should clean your hand frequently with soap or 60% alcoholic rub which will be very effective. Also, WHO advises drying your hand using paper towels or warm air dryers.

Buying stuff made from china will spread coronavirus – False

Scientists are undergoing a large number of researches to find the characteristics of the coronavirus. Till now they have found that this cannot survive on surfaces for more than three days. Buying stuff that is made in China will take more than months to reach you. So that products won’t infect you with coronavirus. Coronavirus spreading is only through droplets and there are no other forms of spreading that are still confirmed.

Myths are spreading in large numbers around the internet and reaching everyone in different forms. Just believe what your government says and visit the WHO and CDC website for more clarification.

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