How a diabetes patient must prepare for prevent coronavirus infection?

The reason why authorities are not able to restrain the virus so far is that the behavior of the virus is dangerous and lack of proper vaccine. The person infected with COVID- 19 will not show symptoms up to 3-14 days[called incubation period] and is thus unidentifiable. But the fear part is, this person can transmit the virus to another person, before exhibiting the symptoms. The increasing number of reported cases is the evidence and that called for a global pandemic situation. Precautions should be taken for COVID-19 and diabetes patients have to maintain a proper blood sugar level.

In this scenario, diabetes patients must understand well that why coronavirus infection is fatal to them?

Diabetes patients vary in age, types, etc. There are younger people with diabetes and among them, some may have managed it well, some not, etc. But the ones who fall into the higher risk among diabetes patients are

  1. Patients with poor diabetes management, and whose glucose level is not in control

  2. Elderly people with diabetes

  3. Patients with other complications like heart disease/lung disease along with diabetes

  4. Diabetes patient with high A1C count.

Thus as far as a sugar patient is concerned, following stringent prevention measures is important. The patients are advised to follow the guidelines given by the CDC to stay protected. Summarizing a few below. If a person is detected with COVID-19 and diabetes history will make the worst outcome in aged people.

What are the precautions?

  • Wash your hands frequently using soap or any other 60% alcoholic rub.

  • Don’t touch your face with hands especially mouth, nose, and eyes.

  • Maintain distance with people (minimum of 1 meter).

  • Avoid crowded places.

  • Stay at home if your community is affected by COVID-19.

  • Make yourself quartine if you visited any COVID-19 infected places within 14 days.

  • Have your medica5tions for diabetes like insulin, medicines for a minimum of one month in advance.

  • Check your blood sugar level more frequently.

  • Consult your physician whether you need to change any medications if you get sick.

  • Create a list of contact numbers to be contacted if you get sick.

With proper safety measures, you can make yourself free from the contamination of COVID-19. If you feel any symptoms of coronavirus than seek medical attention immediately and isolate yourself.

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