5 Common COVID-19 Myths that you should know

Myth 1: “COVID-19 Can’t be spread during high temperature and humidity” 

Till now there is no evidence that Coronavirus causing COVID-19 is resistant to high temperatures. It can spread in high temperatures and has already affected the people who live in high-temperature areas. The only way to make yourself keeping safe is by cleaning hands, avoiding touching your face, keeping a distance from other peoples.

Myth 2: “Face masks can be effective to protect yourself from COVID-19”

WHO advises health care professionals to wear a mask since they are treating infected patients. Mask should be a professional model, fit to tight to the face for professionals. Using any other low-quality masks won’t help you in any form of protection. If you touch your mouth, eyes or nose with the virus-infected hand then the spread of COVID-19 is done casually. Only infected persons and health care professionals are advised to wear masks.

Myth 3: “Coronavirus only affects the older people, younger people are not getting affected” 

People of all ages are affected by COVID-19. There is no discrimination and people who are having any specific health conditions(CVD, Diabetes, Cancer, Respiratory illness, Hypertension) are at high risk. World health organization (WHO) is advising everyone to be precautioned and follow the precaution measures provided by the government.

Myth 4: “Coronavirus remains in the throat for 4 days causing cough, sore throat. Drinking warm water or large amounts of water will take it to the digestive system and it will get killed by digestive fluid ”  

A sore throat can be caused by coronavirus infection and drinking warm water will make yourself feel ease from the sore throat. But it doesn’t have any impact over killing the virus. Many people are spreading this content but that is completely a myth that will misguide you. Sore throat is one of the symptoms of COVID-19.

Myth 5: “Medicine for COVID-19 has been found” 

Till today there is no drug to cure COVID-19 also the researchers are only undergoing. Also, there is no vaccine for COVID-19.

Keeping yourself Clean and protective will help yourself, your family, your community and your country to be safe


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